Saved by WIN

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I am a single mother of two daughters; I just graduated from college in May and have worked
all of my life. Upon graduating in May I took a minimum wage job so that I could attempt to pay
my bills. A single parent cannot take care of a family on minimum wage so I began to fall behind
on my rent. I finally found a better paying job on the last day of July, but I did not receive pay
for this position until August 31st. By this time I had fallen behind on not only rent, but other
bills as well. I felt as if I would never get ahead and began to worry about becoming homeless, I
really didn’t know what I was going to do.

It was at this time I learned of the organization called WIN. They helped me pay the rent that
I was behind on and really saved me and my children from an imminent eviction. I am very
thankful for this organization, without them I would never have been able to catch up on my
rent. This is a wonderful organization that can meet the needs of women like me, working
women who occasionally need a little help.