Chrys Craig

  1. Name that you go by?  Chrys Craig


  1. What are three items in your everyday life that you could not live without?  

My husband, my dogs & my toothbrush! J


  1. What is one piece of advice that you would give to a single working woman?

Be grateful for every day, even the bad days as there is always a lesson to learn from every situation.  Be a warrior!  Learn to be resourceful and self-sufficient, but never afraid to ask for help.  Remember you have only one life to live…so live it to the fullest! J


  1. What woman do you admire the most and why? 

The woman I admire most is my Mom.  She has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders growing up and even now in my adult life.  My Mom graduated from college and moved to a small rural farm community in Northwest Iowa.  She pursued her passion of teaching even if it meant moving out of state and far away from her family.  My parents adopted my brother and me when we were considered “older” kids (ages 8 and 11).  My Mom embraced motherhood during a time when adoption of older children was not really considered a normal process.  It did not matter to her what people thought or said, we were her kids and she and my Dad loved us very much.  After retiring from teaching, my Mom was elected Mayor of my hometown.  My Mom has always taught me to be a productive member of society.  If you want change, be the change.  My Mom is kind, generous and has always exhibited a servant attitude toward life. I could only be so lucky to be half the woman she is today!

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