Carrie Richardson

  1. Name that you go by?


Carrie Richardson



  1. What are three items in your everyday life that you could not live without?


My glasses or contacts


Daily devotional on the Bible app with my tribe of close mom friends Lip gloss


  1. What is one piec e of advice that you would give to a single working woman?


Be present. Trying to find balance as a woman often leads to  feeling  overwhelmed  and even inadequa te. Balance  is elusive and a never-ending pursuit. Instead, focus on being present right where you are and find success  and strength  in that.



  1. What woman do you admire the most and why?


My mom is strong, determined and caring. She pushed me to show up and give my very best every day and raised me to believe I could do and be anything I set my mind to. I’m forev er thankful for how she lived out  what  she  taught  me. Her heart for service to others, her optimism, and her fierce independ ence are all a core part of who I am th anks to her!

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