What is WIN?

Women In Need (WIN) is a registered not-for-profit organization founded in March 2003 with the primary objective of helping working women in need. WIN is led by a board of 15 professional women, each with her own story of a friend, loved one, or herself once in need of some help. Win is also comprised of several fundraising volunteers called WINNERS, a group of men and women who meet regularly to brainstorm and plan various fundraising events.

Who does WIN Help?

WIN helps single, working women not receiving any other form of public assistance. WIN offers one-time assistance in a crisis when there is no other means of support. Recipients are not required to pay back any gift; however, many turn around and give back by volunteering on a WIN committee or in some other way. WIN has helped women with paying bills, paying for services, buying a car, and writing letters to bill collectors.

How Does WIN Help Women in Need?

WIN raises money to help women in need, with a goal of holding one major fund raising event per quarter. The WIN board meets regularly to discuss the not-for-profit side of the business. In addition, they interview potential applicants and decide who to help.

How Can I Apply to Get Help from WIN?

Just go here & fill out our application.