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I’d like to say a few things about Women in Need. This organization has done wonderful things for women. They started with a small organization and have grown to help women everywhere.

I am a woman that works very hard to take care of me and mine. I had a job for two and a half years until one day I didn’t. I got another job but it took time to get started and to get money to pay bills.
Women in need took my application and talked to me. They found out about me and told me about them. They don’t have a brick and mortar building so more of the money they get goes straight to helping.
They helped me with my rent and with my utilities. They helped me when I needed them the most.
They always use volunteers to help raise money. I will volunteer as will my mom. We know sometimes things happen in life that try to bring you down and gets you behind. These ladies help. If there is a way we can help them then we should.
Thank you so much for helping not only me but the countless numbers of other ladies you have helped throughout the years.